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Robert MacKay, President TekExperts

Hi there. My name is Robert and I am the president and CTO of TekExperts, an organization dedicated to the expert development of databases and web applications, preferably using FileMaker Pro.

I take this opportunity to INVITE you to post any questions in this blog. Me and my staff will respond to them the best we can. We are “geeks” in many areas but our greatest expertise is in the subject matter of databases, FileMaker Pro, PHP, MySQL AND Web Development. For you the business owner or the corporate executive, our greatest expertise is on how to make your organization MORE efficient by the correct/smart use of technology.

If you are not “exactly” technology savvy, then don’t worry we speak your language too. (Otherwise we would have no customers!) So feel free to post ANTHING. We are known for explaining things clearly and clearing up previous misconceptions. This blog is not for experts, it is for people who want to interact with us and whom we want to help.

So go for it! Databases, FileMaker, Tigers, the Web, how to make chili, we are friendly. Go ahead and post! We want to meet you.

I’ll be be watching. 🙂

::: Robert :::


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